The most popular wedding dates for 2024, 2025 and 2026

Couple sign wedding certificate, marriage registration and document paper for legal union. Closeup bride, groom and hands writing contract for celebration of love, commitment and agreement together
The date you choose to marry is of huge significance to many couples. (Getty Images)

For a newly engaged couple, one of the most important things to consider when planning a wedding - perhaps more important than the venue, the caterer, and the dress - is the date you choose to tie the knot.

While it might seem arbitrary, the date you get married can, and will, hold lots of significance. Not only will it help determine what kind of weather to expect on the day of your nuptials, but it is also the date you will celebrate for the rest of your marriage.

Many couples will also undoubtedly know that the race to get the date they want booked in as early as possible, as some dates will get booked up super quick - even as early as three years ahead of time!

According to wedding planning resource Guides For Brides, the most sought-after wedding dates in the next three years are dominated by Bank Holiday weekends and “aesthetically pleasing” symmetrical dates.

Weekend weddings remain popular as ever, and the months of May and June are the move favoured times of the year to hold nuptials, the website’s analysis of more than 12,000 wedding enquiries found.

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In 2024, the most popular date for a wedding falls on the August Bank Holiday weekend, with Saturday 24 August taking the top spot. It is also a symmetrical date, reading ‘24/8/24’.

The top 10 most popular dates in 2024:

  1. Saturday 24 August

  2. Saturday 10 August

  3. Saturday 25 May

  4. Saturday 20 July

  5. Saturday 22 June

  6. Saturday 7 September

  7. Saturday 1 June

  8. Saturday 15 June

  9. Saturday 27 July

  10. Saturday 18 May

In 2025, May and June are the most popular months to hold a ceremony, with nearly every Saturday date in these two months making up the top 10 most-searched for dates.

The top 10 most popular dates in 2025:

  1. Saturday 25 May

  2. Saturday 21 June

  3. Saturday 6 September

  4. Saturday 7 June

  5. Saturday 14 June

  6. Sunday 25 May

  7. Saturday 28 June

  8. Saturday 10 May

  9. Saturday 26 July

  10. Saturday 31 May

Looking towards 2026 - which seems far away but isn’t when it comes to wedding planning - key holiday dates like Easter Saturday and the late May Bank Holiday are popular among couples.

Memorably symmetrical dates are also popular, with the most popular date being Saturday 6 June (6/6/26) taking the top spot.

The top 10 most popular dates in 2026:

  1. Saturday 6 June

  2. Saturday 23 May

  3. Saturday 25 July

  4. Saturday 8 August

  5. Saturday 1 August

  6. Saturday 20 June

  7. Saturday 30 May

  8. Friday 14 August

  9. Saturday 4 April

  10. Saturday 27 June

According to wedding industry expert at Guide For Brides, Nikita Thorne, Bank Holiday weekends are "wedding magnets" while May and June are naturally beautiful months thanks to flowers being in full bloom, which provides a pretty backdrop for weddings.

Commenting on the popularity of symmetrical dates, Thorne added: "Symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing dates are often sought after by couples set to wed, not only are they visually pleasing but they’re also easy to remember, so you shouldn’t have any trouble remembering your anniversary.

"Some dates, like 20/4/24 and 6/6/26 are really cool choices for weddings, they provide a nice aesthetic on invites and on-the-day wedding stationary. Symmetrical dates like 25/5/25 and 26/6/26 or palindrome dates (where the day’s date can be read the same way forward and backward) like the one we saw back on 22/2/22 are also said to bring good luck.

"The most popular date for 2024, 24/8/24, could be in high demand for three reasons. It’s symmetrical, it’s a Bank Holiday and it’s mathematically pleasing (2+4+2+4=8). Eight is also considered to be a lucky number in some cultures.

"Another date that could prove to be popular is ‘square root day’ on 5/5/25 - it falls on a Bank Holiday Monday upping its appeal and the next one won’t be until 6/6/36."

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