Weber's Smart Barbecue Will Change The Way You BBQ For Good!

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Photo credit: Weber
Photo credit: Weber

The weather's scorching, we're all out and about enjoying the company of our friends and family and life's looking a lot more normal. And you know what that means, don't you? Summer is well (and truly) underway, and it's about time we get barbecuing.

But hold your horses! This summer, we want to go that extra mile with a brand-new, top-quality barbecue. The type that comes complete with app control and smart features.

A-huh, you heard me! We're talking about Weber's latest barbecue, the Genesis II EX-315 GBS Smart Barbecue. Sounds cool, right?

Well, let us tell you a little more...

Practically the definition of high-spec, this barbecue has everything you could possibly want. Digital real-time food temperature and readiness countdowns, notifications for when your food has reached its desired doneness, infinite control burner valves. Like we said, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Perfect for you tech-heads wanting to stay one step ahead when it comes to outdoor cooking, this barbecue will no doubt impress your guests.

Not to mention, it's a showstopping garden centrepiece! Can you imagine having that on your patio? Yes, please.

Promising amazing food, this thing even comes with a 10 year warranty. Now, that's when you know you're in for a treat...

Available now via Weber's website, this barbecue is certainly an investment at £1,311.45. But guys, I'm speaking from experience, it's 100% worth the expense.

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