Britain finally gets wet weather reprieve... but 'freezing fog' coming next month

Britain's in line for some colder conditions, according to forecasters (Picture: Getty)

It looks like the UK is set for a reprieve from November’s rainy weather, with forecasters predicting a colder, drier start to December.

But lower temperatures are bringing their own threats, with icy weather hitting parts of the UK on Friday morning and the addition of fog likely to disrupt journeys throughout the weekend, as well as freezing fog in some areas.

The Met Office has put a yellow weather warning of fog in place across a large swathe of the Midlands from 1am to 11am on Saturday.

A spokesman told Yahoo News UK that the northern part of that region could see freezing fog as temperatures plummet overnight.

He said: “Freezing temperatures are expected which could mean there are patches of freezing fog but for the most part it will be normal fog.”

The Met Office’s fog warning for Saturday said it is likely to lead to slower journey times on roads, with delays to bus and possibly train services as well as flights likely too.

It said: “Although not all areas will be affected, fog patches, some dense with visibility below 100 metres, are expected to develop during Friday night and persist well into Saturday morning. Some places will hang on to grey and misty conditions all day.”


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On Friday night temperatures could plummet to as low as -8C in parts of rural Scotland and -6C in parts of rural England, a spokesman said.

It comes after Friday morning saw icy patches hit some parts of the country.

Weather warnings of ice were in place for Friday morning (Picture: Met Office)

After areas of the country were hit by flooding thanks to November’s wet weather, drier and colder conditions will be welcomed for December.

The Met Office said more than half a month’s worth of rain pummelled the parish of Wattisham near Stowmarket in Suffolk in 24 hours to 6am on Wednesday.

It received 32.2mm (1.27in) of rain in that period, while the average November rainfall for the region is 60mm (2.36in).

That was the highest volume of rainfall anywhere in the UK during that time.

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