The Way You Should Slice Sheet Pan Eggs To Avoid Waste

Egg sandwich on a bag
Egg sandwich on a bag - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Egg sandwiches are pretty special. Who doesn't love those round-shaped eggs that fit perfectly on your English muffin, topped with a slice of cheese that slowly melts when placed atop your favorite protein? But if you are making egg sandwiches for a crowd, frying up individual eggs isn't convenient. And if you use the sheet pan method and your ring cutter to recreate that perfectly round egg, you end up with wasted eggs. That's why you should ditch the ring cutter and opt for scoring those sheet pan eggs into squares.

While you lose the iconic circle shape by cutting your sheet pan eggs into squares, you don't leave any eggs to go to waste. And when you consider that the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that American households waste around $1,500 per year by tossing food, it makes even more sense to embrace the square. Not to mention, fans of Wendy's square-shaped burgers are going to dig the vibe of divvying up your eggs in this manner. But what you will really love about this cutting technique is that it works for any type of egg you might be cooking up.

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Customize Your Squares

Different types of eggs on toast
Different types of eggs on toast - Mikhaylovskiy/Shutterstock

Whether you are cooking your eggs over easy, scrambled, or omelet-style on your sheet pan, they can easily be cut up into perfect squares to top whatever bread you and your fellow egg sandwich loves desire. You can also customize your sheet pan eggs to hit a number of different taste buds. You can add veggies to one square, cheese to another, and chopped up bacon to yet another. However, if you are adding veggies to your eggs, do so sparingly or you may end up with a soggy mess due to the water content of this ingredient.

How many eggs should you use with your sheet pan when creating square shaped eggs? Generally speaking, one egg equals one square, but if you are making them omelet or scrambled egg style, you should plan for two eggs per square. And if you find that you have some leftover squared eggs, don't worry, you can freeze them and eat them on a breakfast sandwich another day of the week.

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