The Right Way to Care For Bamboo Cutting Boards

Sara Yoo
Photographer: Sheila GimNo Restrictions: Editorial and internal use approved. OK for Native and co-branded use.

Bamboo cutting boards are standard fare beside their wood and plastic peers. Perhaps it's because the material has endeared itself to all kinds of kitchen products, not to mention environmentalists, thanks to the plant's rapid growth and regeneration. Bamboo grows to a harvestable height in three to five years, as compared to decades for its tree counterparts, and it can regrow without replanting. It's also remarkably sturdy - 16 percent stronger than maple - yet gentler on knives than plastic.

So while it holds up against daily chopping duties, it also resists deep gouges better than wood (and thus harbors fewer icky bacteria). But bamboo is not indestructible, and it can split along its seams if not properly cared for. Curious as to how you can keep your bamboo cutting boards in tip-top shape? Read on to find out.

How to Care For a Bamboo Cutting Board

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