Wax on, wax off: Summer hair removal sorted

·2-min read

As uncertainty around vaccine passports and which countries we’re allowed to visit continues, it looks like 2021 is set to be the summer of the staycation.

Confined to your own country’s borders, it’s still easy to enjoy a city break, a beach getaway, or a nature retreat. No matter where you end up, even if it’s just summer days at your local lido, make sure the hair down there is well-groomed and ready for a bathing suit.

Leading waxing expert Sam Marshall, of The Beauty Guru salon and The Wax Guru courses, shares with us her top tips for reducing pain and sensitivity when going in for a bikini line wax.

“The best way to reduce sensitivity is to avoid caffeine. Stress and having enough sleep will have an impact on your sensitivity. It all fits together like a jigsaw with your body. Putting yourself into a relaxed state will definitely help,” Sam encouraged.

“(And after) keep the area cool, calm, and clean are your rules. Avoid anything that causes friction. Leave it to heal on its own, or ask your waxer to recommend a cooling after-care lotion. I use Ashmira Botanica Comfort Balm. I wouldn’t mess about with Sudocrem or Savlon, I’d just leave it to do its own thing and heal. Cold compresses can be effective for redness. What you’ve got is inflammation, so you want to calm that down. Avoid tight underwear; people who wear thongs are going to have a really bad time after a wax!”

If you still can’t face the thought of hot wax going near your bits, then invest in a shaver designed for intimate and sensitive areas, such as Veet’s Sensitive Precision trimmer, Wilkinson Sword Intuition Complete, the brand’s ultimate bikini line razor, or Gillette’s Venus For Public Hair & Skin paired with its Skin Smoothing Exfoliant for longer lasting smooth skin in between shaving days. Alternatively, if you prefer home waxing strips, Sunny’s The Bikini Wax is designed for all skin types, even sensitive.