Waverley Yew named Britain's Tree of the Year

Woodland Trust Ancient Tree Inventory/Woodland Trust/Cover Images

The Waverley Abbey Yew in Farnham, Surrey has been named The Woodland Trust's Tree of the Year for 2022.

It is a truly spectacular yew, with roots that grow into and around the ruins of Waverley Abbey – the very first monastery founded in Britain 900 years ago by the reforming Cistercian religious order.

After the dissolution of the monasteries in 1536, the abbey was dismantled - but the tree remains.

Its multi-stemmed form is dotted with holes, crevices and areas of decay that provide a habitat for other species.

The tree triumphed over a number of sturdy and ancient perennials in the competition, held by The Woodland Trust to celebrate and highlight ancient trees that may lie forgotten.