This Watermelon Hack Shows You How To Cut It Without A Knife

Anna Lewis

From Delish

If there’s one thing we love here on Delish, it’s food hacks.

Hacks for turning carrots into bacon. Yes please. Hacks for getting pomegranate seeds out. Absolutely. Hacks for sealing your cereal box the right way. Hell yeah. We love them all.

So when we saw this new one doing the rounds, we got dead excited.

If you’ve ever nearly sliced your entire arm off while preparing a watermelon (I’m guessing for frozen watermelon margaritas, right?), you’ll be interested in this hack that allows you to cut watermelon easily, and without even using a knife.

The hack, which we first spotted when it was shared on Reddit a while ago, shows someone using dental floss to cut the watermelon, and it works an absolute treat.

First, the watermelon fan cuts the melon away from the rind. Then she cuts it into slices, and all without a knife. Cool huh?

This woman also had a go at it a while back, and it works just as well for her.

The only thing to keep in mind when trying this, is that it is recommended that you use unflavoured floss unless you want your melon to have a tangy, minty flavour to it. Which, at first sounds kinda gross. But then, if you think about it, watermelon mojitos are very nice. So maybe mint floss wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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