• Kick off your summer with this vodka mint lemonade

    This spiked lemonade is the perfect poolside companion

  • Duchess of Sussex Gives First Interview Since Birth of Baby

    The Duchess of Sussex has given her first interview since the birth of Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. Meghan was talking about her new children's book, The Bench, which was inspired by the relationship between Prince Harry and her son, Archie. It's believed Harry and Meghan have shared a photo of Lilibet on the Royal Family Whatsapp group chat.

  • Happy 39th Birthday to Prince William!

    Prince William is celebrating his 39th birthday today! William's grandmother the Queen was among those wishing him well on Twitter.

  • Two gamers find love in fantasy world

    Two avid gamers who spent lockdown playing fantasy and adventure games fell in love after meeting in Runescape – and even had a virtual wedding surrounded by friends from all over the world.

  • Meet the real-life Mermaids

    Something fishy is going on in UK swimming pools, where "merfolk" are celebrating the easing of lockdown by getting back to what they do best, flipping their fins! Chief of the merfolk is Jessica Pennington, 30, who hosts swimming parties and annual conventions for like-minded ‘merpeople’ to meet up. Covid has forced those taking part to hang up their tails for the best part of two years, but now with restrictions beginning to lift, the hobbyists are hoping to make a splash once again, very soon.

  • DIY savvy woman saves £25K making over her garden herself

    Joy Rodriguez-Adams, 42, from Stoke, Staffordshire, has completely transformed the outdated, dull garden into a stunning outdoor paradise.

  • Steve takes to the skies

    Steve Robinson flies planes, despite his disability.

  • WSEL Bags is making sure dads don't have to sacrifice style with their functionally sleek diaper bags

    Get to know the founder of WSEL Bags, a brand creating quality diaper bags, and encouraging fathers to get out there with their little ones.

  • Awkward moment Hancock attempts elbow bump with Charles

    An awkward moment between Prince Charles and Matt Hancock has been caught on camera during a visit to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. The Prince of Wales greeted the health secretary with a namaste, but Mr Hancock attempted an elbow bump, leading the royal to joke that it was like doing the “hokey cokey”.

  • Prince Charles calls attacks on NHS staff ‘unreal’

    Prince Charles has condemned "unacceptable" rising levels of violence and abuse in which frontline NHS staff are experiencing. The Prince of Wales visited Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London on Thursday and personally asked to meet some of the paramedics and ambulance crew on the receiving end of the attacks.

  • You need to add these two Caribbean-owned brands to your kitchen ASAP

    Join In The Know Cooking Editor Ellie Conley this week as she highlights some Caribbean-owned brands that can add something new to your meals.

  • Prince Charles and Camilla attend Royal Ascot

    The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were amongst the royals who have been attending Royal Ascot. Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex also joined the couple in the royal box. The Queen missed Ascot for just the second time in her 69-year reign as she was carrying out royal duties.

  • Decluttering expert, hailed as the UK’s Marie Kondo, has seen her business boom since the pandemic

    Rachel Burditt, 40, swoops in to work her magic on some of the UK’s messiest homes.

  • Morrison Outdoors makes it easier than ever to include your little ones on your outdoor adventures

    On this episode of ITK: The Father's Day Shop, we talk with the founder of Morrison Outdoors, the brand creating sleeping bags for your little ones.

  • Learn how to make delicious panini press toaster pastries

    Put your panini press to work making an at-home version of everyone's favorite breakfast treat, and even customize it with your favorite fillings and toppings!

  • What you need to know about COVID-19 variants

    New variants will inevitably emerge as the coronavirus mutates – but what does this mean for the future of the pandemic? The Delta variant – which emerged in India – is known to spread significantly more easily than the once-dominant Alpha virus, which was first identified in Kent. Rising coronavirus cases has prompted Boris Johnson to delay the lifting of restrictions in England, in a literal arms race to get more people vaccinated before they are infected. The extent to which the Delta variant evades vaccine-induced immunity is somewhat muddled. The UK’s four approved jabs were developed with the original coronavirus in mind, which emerged in Wuhan, China, at the end of 2019. While it may sound alarming, research increasingly demonstrates the vaccines are at least somewhat effective against the Delta variant.

  • Why is sleep so important?

    A third of British adults have insomnia to some extent, a problem that has worsened amid the anxiety of the pandemic. The odd night tossing and turning will not have any lasting health implications, however, chronic insomnia could trigger pain, depression and even heart disease. To boost your chances of a peaceful night’s slumber, establish a routine where you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day – even on weekends. Find what works – or doesn’t work – for you. Do you need to cut out caffeine after 6pm? Binge watching Netflix in bed may sound like a relaxing evening, but are you sensitive to the jarring light our laptops, tablets and phones emit? To help sleep come faster – write a to-do list, do some gentle yoga, have a warm bath, read a relaxing book, listen to soothing music. If nothing helps, don’t lie there getting frustrated. Get up and do something relaxing until your eyes feel heavy.

  • What is antibiotic resistance?

    Antibiotic resistance is considered “one of the biggest threats to human health”. Inappropriate prescribing and patients not taking the drugs as instructed means bacterial infections that are considered almost harmless may one day be deadly. In 2015, antibiotic use had increased by 6.5% over the past four years in England alone. Antibiotics are unusual in that the more they are used, the less effective they become, as bacteria rapidly evolve resistance to the drugs that are trying to destroy them. Perhaps the most famous example is MRSA – methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Around one in 30 people have the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus living harmlessly on their skin. The bacteria can cause life-threatening complications if they enter the body, however. Once an effective drug, the antibiotic methicillin is now useless against Staphylococcus aureus, a trend that may continue for other medications. In the US alone, MRSA is said to kill more people every year than Aids, Parkinson’s disease, emphysema and murder combined.

  • Colugo is putting their customer's experience first with high quality products meant to last

    Daniel sits down with father and co-founder of Colugo, Ted, to talk about how Colugo was started.

  • Sisters Kim and Vanessa Pham co-founded the proud and loud home cooking brand, Omsom

    Omsom is a proud and loud Asian food brand whose mission is to reclaim and celebrate the multitudes in Asian flavors and stories

  • This southern style caesar salad features juicy grilled shrimp seasoned with Old Bay

    Top these with cheese and homemade cheddar bay croutons!

  • These baby carriers from Mission Critical are perfect for the adventurous dad in your life

    Mission Critical constructs their baby carriers out of military-grade materials, making it safe and easy to carry around dad's most precious cargo.

  • Father's Factory creates beautifully crafted toys that are made to last

    Meet Jimmy Chen, father of two and founder of Father's Factory, a brand creating beautifully unique children's toys.

  • The Queen and senior royals arrive for G7 reception

    The Queen arrives at the Eden Project in Cornwall to host a reception for the G7 world leaders. She was joined at the event by the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie greeted the royal party as they arrived. .

  • The Royal Family attend events at the G7 Summit

    The Royal Family are taking part in a number of events on Friday at the G7 Summit in Cornwall. The Duchess of Cambridge and US First Lady Dr Jill Biden met for the very first time while attending the Connor Downs Academy West Cornwall chatting to pupils and leading a roundtable to discuss the importance of early education. The Prince of Wales hosts a delegation for G7 leaders and CEOs from major companies to discuss tackling the climate emergency and environmental sustainability. Prince William will be in attendance as well, as he is also passionate about environmental issues. The Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Kate will all go to the G7 Leader’s evening reception at the Eden Project. The monarch will also host US President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr Jill Biden for a Guard of Honour and tea at Windsor Castle on Sunday June 13th. Biden will be the 13th US President that the Queen has met during her reign.

  • Prince Charles meets CEOs and politicians

    Prince Charles meets CEOs and politicians including US Climate Envoy John Kerry and COP26 President Alok Sharma at St James’s Palace. He tells them that his message for “several decades” has been that solutions to the “existential crisis” of climate change must be found by through collaboration between government and the private sector. .