Watch the World's Strongest Man Take on a Rhythmic Gymnastics Routine

As the self-described "World's Strongest Brothers," Tom and Luke Stoltman have nothing to prove when it comes to lifting, pushing and pulling incredibly large and heavy things—Tom is currently in his second consecutive year as the reigning title holder of World's Strongest Man. But when it comes to their mobility, flexibility, and overall grace, they could still stand to learn a thing or two. And as the pair are always down for a challenge, they recently volunteered to step outside of their comfort zone and try rhythmic gymnastics.

In a recent video marking the lead-up to the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Tom and Luke are coached in some basic gymnastics skills by three-time British medalist Mimi-Isabella Cesar. "Oh my god. There's no chance," says Luke after seeing Mimi showcase her talents. "I think I'm going to tear a hamstring."

After guiding them through exercises like the forward roll, Mimi then stages a competition where each brother must show off his most controlled, precise movements. And after some deliberation, she deems Luke the more natural gymnast.

The Stoltmans also tried their hands at a couple of other sports which will be showcased at the Commonwealth Games in a series of short challenge videos. They tested their cardio and endurance on the basketball court, and while Tom's strength and height proved advantageous, Luke won that event too. Tom was finally able to redeem himself, though, while learning Judo: he emerged victorious over his brother after learning the importance of control over brute force.

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