Watch Whitney Cummings Get Roasted by Bob the Drag Queen…on OnlyFans


If you’re still hunting for that perfect Mother’s Day present—or, if you just forgot that Mother’s Day was the second weekend in May and not the third (shame on you)—you’re in luck. We come to you with a gift idea that’s both easy and free. The only caveat is that you may have to explain to your mom what OnlyFans is.

But hell, she probably already knows! Who doesn’t? Everyone’s on OnlyFans these days, including comedian Whitney Cummings, who is launching the second installment of her new OFTV series Whitney Cummings Presents this Sunday. (If you’re wondering: OFTV is completely safe for work, as long as your work allows you to watch comedy specials on the clock.) The bawdy show aims to reclaim the celebrity roast, trading the traditionally abrasive, increasingly problematic nature of the roast format for one that’s a bit less myopic.

For example, Sunday’s new episode is a roast of Cummings herself. Turning the barbecue spit are comedians and personalities you might not normally see on late-night roast specials that typically only showcase comedy from white, cis, straight guys. There’s trans comedian Robin Tran, Cumming's friend and fellow comedian Dan Levy, RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen, and several others stepping up to the mic to rib Cummings.

In this exclusive clip, Bob the Drag Queen takes on rumors about Cumming’s cosmetic work that she may or may not have had done, her competition with fellow acerbic women comedians to take Joan Rivers’ crown, and her supposed willingness to drop a dime on Bob if the jokes are bad. This is a roast, after all. Nothing is off-limits.

Watch the clip below:

Cummings told The Daily Beast’s Obsessed that she sees Whitney Cummings Presents as an opportunity to find a platform for experimental, subversive comedy that can still push boundaries—and take accountability—without immediately losing a revenue stream.

“Comedians, right now, are struggling to find a place to showcase their comedy and push the limits creatively,” Cummings said. “YouTube demonetizes if you say certain words without knowing the context, Instagram takes you out of the algorithms for reasons we can’t even figure out, and Comedy Central has disappeared. So when OnlyFans came to me about doing content for them on OnlyFans TV I jumped at the opportunity.

“It was a no-brainer to work with a company that’s already given more money to women than any studio or network in Hollywood,” Cummings continued. “In creating the series, we wanted to bring back the healing tradition of the comedy roasts and the cathartic shame-releasing-ego-death they bring, and show, ‘See we can all laugh at ourselves and our mistakes, instead of canceling people for a mistake they made 20 years ago.’”

Laughing at your own past is part of this episode’s overarching theme, considering that even Amanda Knox is appearing as a special guest in the show. Yes, that Amanda Knox, who takes the stage in the trailer for the special, to announce that she’s there to roast Cummings as “her last hour of community service.” This actually might be the very first celebrity roast with international implications.

The Roast of Whitney Cummings on Whitney Cummings Presents airs on Sunday, May 14th, exclusively on OFTV, the free-to-view, safe-for-work streaming platform and app from OnlyFans.

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