Watch Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day Videos With Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge & More

V-Day, the day of roses and lingerie, is just one week away so what better way to mark the occasion than with the Victoria's Secret angels. The gals love recording a quirky video or two and so to celebrate the launch of the new Valentine's Day range the folks at VS rounded up Lily, Candice, Karlie and other angels to create two fun and of course very sexy videos.

The first is a lesson in 'decoding love' where the angels attempt to help men understand women, translating the things we say into what we actually mean. Karlie Kloss dishes out two tips as she explains ‘when I say nobody has ever sent me flowers before, what that means for you is send me two dozen of the most gorgeous long stemmed roses.' Yep, you’re right there Karls.

Then Karlie reveals that when she says 'my friend she's so pretty isn't she?' What she's really thinking is 'tell me you haven’t even noticed because you only have eyes for me.'

In another behind the scenes video the angels spill all the deets on their own VDay. 'I love Valentines Day it’s a day of love,' says an underwear clad Karlie Kloss. 'The bombshell push-up bra is perfect for date night – it’s the ultimate push up and it is absolutely gorgeous and your date will be speechless when he see it.'

To mark the arrival of the V Day collection Lily Aldridge and Candice Swanepoel went to the Herald Square Store in New York yesterday, playing with big hearts and posing with red bras.

While in store the angels both revealed what Valentine's Day means for them. Lily said 'I am very classic, Valentine’s Day is all about romance and flowers, sexy lingerie and some chocolates. Obviously coming in here to Victoria's Secrets and making it a little sexy is fun for Valentine's Day.'

She then dished on her own V Day past saying 'No-one ever wanted to date me in high school. I was never asked out on Valentine's Day. But now here I am, in your face for not asking me out!' Erm, who actually believes that then?!

Candice said: ‘It's nothing extravagant for me, just something unique. Like a personalised card or something really thoughtful. Just making me feel special all day.’

Watch the Valentine's Day videos and shop the new collection at Victoria's Secret...

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