Watch an unrepentant Rudy Gobert block a small child's shot into oblivion

Hey kids, think before you challenge Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert. (Getty Images)

NBA players blocking children into oblivion will never not be fun.

It was fun when Kevin Durant destroyed the dreams of basketball campers hoping to return home with a story about the time they beat an MVP. It was fun when Andre Drummond swatted a little Danish boy’s shot into a neighboring Scandinavian nation during a European outreach exhibition. And it was fun when Joel Embiid stopped by a neighborhood park to lackadaisically stuff a little kid’s layup.

The bigger the mismatch, the more fun blocking children into oblivion gets, and there are few bigger mismatches than Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert — a.k.a the Stifle Tower, the NBA’s likely Defensive Player of the Year, he of the 8-foot wingspan — against a boy who looks to no more than 5 years old.

Gobert doesn’t just tear this kid’s heart out, he nearly decapitates several onlookers with the force of his rejection, much to the crowd’s delight. This is Sparta. Here’s hoping Gobert gave each one of these kids a turn and sent all their shots back, just to make sure everyone’s feelings were hurt equally.

Rarely do we revel in a Frenchman’s rude treatment of our nation’s youth, but when it’s an NBA player blocking a child into oblivion, somehow it gives us great pleasure. The only greater joy would be for the league’s smallest players to reject oversized adult fantasy campers. Get on that, Isaiah Thomas.

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