Watch these twins reunite for the first time and try not to giggle with them

Three-year-old twins couldn't contain their excitement when they were reunited after their first day of preschool orientation.

Alivia and Stylez Soto, toddlers who live in Waianae, Hawaii, do everything together. For the first time, they were placed in separate classes..

After three hours apart, Stylez's orientation ended before his sister's. When their mom, Ronnie, picked him up, he asked for Alivia. Knowing how much the twins missed each other, Ronnie decided to capture their reunion on video.

Ronnie had initially expressed concern about the separation, but decided it could be beneficial for their personal growth. As Alivia and Stylez spotted each other, their faces lit up with joy.

Watch the video above to giggle along with the reunited siblings.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Watch this adorable moment when twin toddlers are reunited