Watch the Too Hot To Handle cast react to big moments from the show

PSA: Too Hot To Handle season 2 drops on Netflix today, and Cosmopolitan UK did an exclusive watchalong with the cast to see their reactions to the show.

The second season of the show sees 10 singles from all over the world head to a villa in Turks and Caicos, where they think they're partaking in a party show. Little do they know, it's actually a celibacy challenge, where contestants are asked to refrain from sexual activity in a bid to win $100,000.

The first four episodes dropped on Netflix today [23rd June], and we caught up with Cam, Emily, Chase, Nathan, Melinda and Carly to get their first reactions to the show. And yeah, it's safe to say it's intense.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Speaking about realising the premise of the show, Nathan explained, "We noticed very shortly afterwards that there weren't enough beds, so we were kind of sizing each other up. But we run into the bedroom and it's more just 'I'm desperate to take a nap.' Had we known at that point what the show was... None of us had any energy to do anything."

On their early money losses, Chase continued, "I was livid. We were trying to figure out what everything cost. So everyone was trying different rule breaks to see what Lana would charge us first. At first we were like 'Let's see how far a line we can ride here' and when we were $21,000 in the hole we were like 'We should probably follow the rules here."

We are so obsessed with this show.

Watch Too Hot To Handle on Netflix.

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