Watch the sweet moment Princess Kate and Prince William almost broke 'royal protocol'

Prince William and Princess Kate were caught on camera almost holding hands on Friday night, a move that is very unusual for the royal pair.

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William and Kate are rarely pictured holding hands, however at the 2022 Earthshot Prize ceremony on Friday, the two were seen arriving at the Boston venue when William stretched out his arm to direct Kate and the pair then reached towards each other as if they were going to hold hands.

WATCH: Sweet moment Princess Kate and Prince William almost broke 'royal protocol'

William then dropped his arm but Kate was a beat too late, keeping her hand palm up.

The pair were dressed to the nines for the occasion with Princess Kate wearing a Solace London gown from rental platform HURR and the Prince looking smart in a black tuxedo.

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After nearly 12 years of marriage and three children, there's no doubt that the pair remain very much in love. The royal couple have been known to make occasional displays of public affection but it tends to be during lighter moments.


William and Kate reached for each other

HELLO! Magazine's royal correspondent Emily Nash explains: "The Duke and Duchess are almost always seen in photographs taken during official engagements so they are at 'work' and it would be unprofessional to hold hands.

"They also need to shake hands with a huge number of people as they meet so aside from being on duty, it wouldn't be very practical! We know they are very affectionate and that sometimes comes across during more light-hearted moments, at sporting events or similar, but you wouldn't expect them to put that on show while in more formal situations."

In comparison, William's brother Harry and his wife Meghan are often pictured holding hands, even during official engagements when they were members of the Royal Household.

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