Watch Sherri Shepherd totally lose it interviewing her crush Lenny Kravitz for the first time: ‘Oh my God!’

Watch Sherri Shepherd totally lose it interviewing her crush Lenny Kravitz for the first time: ‘Oh my God!’

The host joked that they needed to bring Kravitz onto the stage "before I melt in my seat and sweat out my wig."

Sherri Shepherd could not keep her cool when it came to interviewing her crush Lenny Kravitz for the very first time. And, honestly, we don’t blame her. 

In a preview clip from her upcoming interview with Kravitz on Thursday, the daytime talk show host can be seen uncontrollably screaming and laughing when the “TK421” singer joined her onstage for their chat. 

“Ladies, do you ever get that feeling of butterflies when you’re about to meet your crush?” Shepherd asked before welcoming Kravitz to the stage. “Well, for the last few months I’ve been shouting mine out — take a look.”

The video then cut over to a collection of different clips from Shepherd’s show in which she shouted out “Mr. Kravitz,” floated the idea of sliding into his DMs, and revealed that she’d begun imagining how she’d sign her name if it was changed to Sherri Kravitz.

“Y’all, before I melt in my seat and sweat out my wig, we have got to bring him out,” she said. “Please welcome, the legendary Lenny Kravitz!”

And, well, before Kravitz even took to the stage, Shepherd was already screaming. As the rocker approached her, the host could be heard repeatedly shouting “oh my god” and a few other indecipherable comments before Kravitz pulled her into a hug and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. On his end, Kravitz appeared to be enjoying Shepherd’s fangirlling and could be seen smiling throughout her entire meltdown.

Finally, after letting out one last big scream, Shepherd began their interview by confessing that they’d accidentally sat down on the wrong sides of the couch. To which Kravitz, who was dressed in a half-way zipped leather jacket, confidently replied, “It’s never the wrong side.”

“Then I’m gonna stay right here on this side. I was wondering where you were going,” she said, before blurting out, “I can’t stop staring at your chest, first of all.”

<p>Sherri/YouTube</p> Sherri Shepherd and Lenny Kravitz on 'Sherri'


Sherri Shepherd and Lenny Kravitz on 'Sherri'

Reaching her hand forward, Shepherd added, “I have to ask first, can I just a little?” She then touched Kravitz’s chest, and, in response, he placed his hand over hers.

The pair did end up actually talking to each other once she'd calmed down. A second preview clip shows the pair discussing Kravitz’ recently receiving his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, as well as his relationship with his daughter Zoe Kravitz’s fiancé, Channing Tatum.

“He’s a great guy,” Kravitz said. “We get on really well. We have our own relationship as well. We hang out and we talk. He’s a very soulful human being. He was raised well. He has manners and class.”

Watch Shepherd's fangirl over Kravitz in the clip above.

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