Watch Shawn Johnson Do Gymnastics At 34 Weeks Pregnant, As Her Husband Stands In Awe

  • Retired Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson just shared an Instagram video of herself doing gymnastics at 34 weeks pregnant.

  • Her husband, Andrew East, was in awe of her ability as he tried—and failed—to replicate her moves.

  • Shawn and Andrew currently share two children and are expecting their third.

Retired Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson is about to be a mom of three, but she’s not slouching in the fitness department. The 31-year-old just casually shared an Instagram video of herself doing gymnastics at 34 weeks pregnant like a total boss.

In the video, Shawn begins her routine by standing barefoot next to a house before moving forward into a handstand like it’s nothing. Mid-handstand, she looks to the side and gives a thumbs up. “Gymnastics at 34 weeks pregnant,” she wrote over top, before gently coming back down.

Cue Shawn’s husband, Andrew East, sauntering in wearing a 25-pound pumpkin under his shirt “for empathy.” He jokingly said, “Who are you? She’s a freak of nature!”

Shawn then casually adjusted her ponytail before saying, “Center of gravity: check.” And then, she did a perfect cartwheel as Andrew once again was floored. “First of all, that was elite,” he said.

Fast forward to Andrew attempting the cartwheel, before falling to his knees. “You’re an animal,” he said with a smile to his wife. He also fell while trying the handstand, noting that the pumpkin almost “smooshed my skull.”

The takeaway: Shawn Johnson is the flippin' best (pun intended). “Maybe some day he’ll acknowledge or understand that I was a decent gymnast 🤣,” she wrote in the comments.

People cheered Shawn on in the comments. “She’s Shawn m’er f’n Johnson. That’s who,” one person wrote. “She pointed her freaking toes too. Once an Olympian, always an Olympian,” another said.

Shawn and Andrew regularly do couples challenges, including this one where she tried to drink out of a glass of water he held between his teeth:

And this time when they played the gymnastics version of “rock, paper, scissors,” again, with a pregnant Shawn doing handstands like it's NBD:

Clearly Shawn’s gymnastics skills are still solid, but she previously told The New Potato that she’s into other workouts, too. “I love SoulCycle and any [Nike Training Club] workouts on-the-go,” she said.

She’s also big on stretching. “Gymnastics literally uses every muscle you have,” she said. “I stretch every part of my body before tumbling in the gym, beginning with a simple cat stretch. Before running, I always stretch my hamstrings so that I won’t cramp up while running long distances.”

On the food front, Shawn previously told Women’s Health that she eats everything in moderation. “I love my chocolate and I love my cookies, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,” she said. Breakfast for her may be something like a gluten-free English muffin with cashew butter and strawberry jam, or avocado and eggs on an English muffin. Lunch is usually a green salad with protein, while she’ll often snack on hummus with crackers or veggies. Dinner is usually something simple, like salmon with broccoli and baked sweet potatoes.

Get it, Shawn!

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