Shane Dawson calls Tati Westbrook "manipulative" and accuses her of "fake crying"

Laura Capon
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Things are getting really ugly in the YouTube beauty community after Tati Westbrook posted a video on Tuesday night accusing Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star of "gaslighting" and "coercing" her into posting her 'Bye Sister' video about James Charles in May 2019.

In response, Shane Dawson went live on Instagram as he was watching her video, calling her "insane" and accusing her of "fake crying".

In the live stream 31-year-old Shane appeared to be extremely angry at 38-year-old Tati, "Oh, of course, is that another ad? I'm losing my mind," he began.

Clearly Shane missed Tati's note that all Adsense money from the video was going to charity...

As he became more and more riled up, he attempted to explain why he had come on Instagram to watch Tati's video in the first place, "Oh my god I'm live because I can't even process this," before storming off to the bathroom saying, "I need a drink of water".

"This is insane, this is insane, this woman is a f***ing, oh my god, oh my god," Shane continued. Before stating that he wanted to wait until as many people joined his live as possible.

Despite Shane's fiancé, Ryland Adams pausing the video, Shane carried on, "Keep pressing play I need to get through this video," he said.

When Tati questioned how drama channels knew about the James Charles video before she even posted it, Shane shouted, "BECAUSE YOU MESSAGE DRAMA CHANNELS".

Continuing to raise his voice, Shane seemed so frustrated he could not even finish his sentences, "I don't want to say mean things about people. This is insane, this is insane," he said.

However the video really got uncomfortable when Shane started eye rolling and shouting, "You are so manipulative, you are fake crying, you are fake crying, you are fake crying, that is not real, oh my god."

Eventually after Ryland tells Shane to "get off", he ended the video.

Watching this entire episode play out so publicly is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and embarrassing to watch, especially when such serious topics are involved.

How on earth did we get here?

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