Watch: Senators fan clocks Leafs fan during scrap in stands

A few fans started throwing punches in the stands of the Canadian Tire Centre on Saturday night. (Twitter/@TomSENS5)

Sometimes at a hockey game you just have to eat a fist.

This applies not only to the players who engage in hand-to-hand battles on the ice, but also to spectators who choose to participate in such extra-curricular activities in the stands.

A group of what appears to be Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs fans had a little confrontation on the stairs of the lower bowl in the Canadian Tire Centre on Saturday. After the scuffle was seemingly broken up, the two groups came together once again before a man in a No. 74 Senators jersey joins the fray and wastes no time throwing a couple heavy right bombs at the dude in the blue Leafs sweater.

Twitter user @TomSENS captured the moment: