Watch: Scott Darling allows stenchy goal from center ice

Carolina Hurricanes netminder Scott Darling is doing his best to ensure that the NHL’s current goal-scoring spike continues at a torrid pace.

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It what may legitimately be one of the ugliest goals in the past decade or more, Darling somehow managed to turn a Mika Zibanejad soft dump-and-change into the Rangers forwards’ 11th tally of the season and a 2-0 lead for the Blueshirts.

Zibanejad slowly approached center with the clear intention of dumping the puck on goal and going for a change. Darling seemingly lost sight of the floating biscuit knuckling through the air toward his goal, and curiously reached across his body with his glove — whiffing on it completely as it dropped into the top corner of the net.


Carolina Hurricanes netminder Scott Darling allowed one of the worst goals you’ll ever. (Getty Images)

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