Watch Millie Bobby Brown Transform Into Eleven From Stranger Things

[Photo: Netflix]

It’s hard not to love Netflix’s latest supernatural series Stranger Things, and even harder not to be in awe of the totally badass character that is Eleven.

Played by Millie Bobby Brown, the mysterious girl possesses psychokinetic abilities and one strong buzzcut - but unsurprisingly, the young actress hasn’t always had such short hair.

As we can see on her Instagram, Brown once had long brown locks, and now she’s shared the moment that they were all cut off too.

As if by magic, Brown is instantly transformed into Eleven.

Although her parents weren’t so sure about Brown’s dramatic haircut, she wasn’t fazed and agreed to have it done when she got the part.

She previously told Vulture: “I had very long hair and I cut it all off for the part. 

“I read the script and I was so happy with my character and I thought, this is how it’s gotta be. 

“My mom and my grandpa were like, ‘No, you can’t do that.’ It took me 12 years - well, 11 years - to grow something. [My hair] wasn’t thick, but it was long. 

“And then they shaved it all off and it was very hard for my parents. But I convinced them. I was like, ‘Dude, it grows back. It’s fine.’”

For those who haven’t done it before, it’s hard to imagine getting such a chop. Would it be cooler in summer? Would we have less hair in our faces in winter?

To be honest, it doesn’t sound too bad.

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