Watch Megan Thee Stallion Predict She'll Be 'Household Name' In Unseen Audition Clip

Ata Owaji Victor
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Photo credit: Twitter
Photo credit: Twitter


Megan Thee Stallion has long known she was destined for super stardom and even went as far as predicting she'd be a 'household name' in a never-before-seen audition clip.

In a video, shared on the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop twitter account on January 12 as part of its #LHHUnlocked series, the Houston native - otherwise known as Tina Snow - confidently opens up about her dreams of becoming a rapper. Love & Hip Hop follows the lives and successes of those involved in the Hip Hop and Rap world and boasts Megan's 'WAP' collaborator Cardi B as one of its stars.

The tweet's caption reads: 'Did y'all know @theestallion was ALMOST a Love and Hip Hop alum? Would you have liked to have had a Hot Girl SEASON? [sic]'

In the video, the 25-year-old notes to camera: 'It's Megan Thee Stallion, a.k.a. young Tina Snow, a.k.a the H-town hottie.

'I'm just the best female rapper that's poppin' off right now and on top of that, I'm a full-time college student. My [late] mum was a female rapper. One day, I was 18 and I was like, "Mum, I wanna be a rapper. Imma rap." She was like, "No, you can't' and I was like, "Yes, I can."

'"Megan Thee Stallion" is just gonna become that household name,' she continued, adding 'when you're talking about those poppin' rappers, I'm gonna definitely be in that conversation'.

Fast forward several years and Megan has released three Billboard No. 1 hits including the hit 2020 anthems 'WAP' with Cardi B and 'Savage' remix with Beyoncé.

Love & Hip Hop cast member Sukihana - who even has a cameo in the 'WAP' video - notes in the clip after viewing Megan's prediction: 'That is everything. Y'all fumbled the bag. Y'all should have put her on the show.'

Since filming her audition tape, Megan has gone onto become one of Revlon’s newest global brand ambassadors, continues to study for her bachelor's degree in health administration (while balancing a stellar music career, as you do!), and won countless gongs at the American Music Awards, BET Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and People's Choice Awards.

The rapper has also been nominated for four awards at the upcoming 2021 Grammys including 'Best New Artist'.

On collaborating with Beyoncé on a remix of 'Savage', Megan told the Guardian last year: 'I got a call: Beyoncé wants to do a remix to Savage. And I was like ... what? Shut up. Shut up. You’re lying. Beyoncé don’t want to get on nothing with me. Come on, it’s me! I know I’m Megan Thee Stallion, but dang!'

With friends including Lizzo, Cardi B and Kash Doll, the rapper explained her love of collaborating, rather than competing, with her fellow female artists.

'Women, we naturally want to be the best,' she noted. 'And I can’t be mad at the next girl for wanting to be the best! Why would I get mad at you for saying you the baddest? Why can’t we both agree that we bad, and that just be that?'

We couldn't agree more, Megan.

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