Watch Mark Wahlberg and His Massive Quads Take on Leg Day

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Watch Mark Wahlberg and His Massive Quads Take on Leg Day

Mark Wahlberg has been showing off his jacked physique with pretty reliable frequency on social media lately: the 50-year-old actor is clearly enjoying being back in peak shape after gaining and then losing more than 20 pounds for his role in Father Stu last year.

In the most recent training video on his Instagram, the Uncharted star gave his followers a look at his leg day workout, performing an intense-looking set of leg extensions which gave his already-large quads an impressive pump.

In the footage, Wahlberg is also visibly wearing blood flow restriction (BFR) straps at the upper ends of his legs. Blood flow restriction is a popular muscle-building tactic among old school bodybuilders which has also become increasingly prevalent among modern athletes and celebrities; Dwight Howard and Conor McGregor have both used it, and Wahlberg is a big supporter of this training technique, having shared several clips of himself working out while wearing the restrictive tourniquets over the last couple of years.

It works on the principle that limiting the flow of blood decreases the amount of oxygen reaching the muscle: the physiological stress of trapping deoxygenated blood rather than letting it return to the heart leads to the build-up of lactic acid, which in turn fatigues the muscle tissue, prompting to it growing back stronger. Using tight straps on muscles recreates the restricted blood flow that occurs when a muscle is at peak contraction, making it possible to achieve muscle hypertrophy without necessarily having to load up an exercise with heavy weights.

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