Watch Brazillian Carnival revellers enjoy street performance in Rio

Revellers enjoyed a street performance as part of the world-famous Brazillian Carnival celebrations.

This video shows the scene in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday, 19 February, as the musical carnival group Cordao do Boitata play.

The musicians can be seen dressed up in costumes as they entertain the crowd.

Locals and tourists alike have been enjoying the festivities since they kicked off on Friday.

Traditionally, the celebrations start the Friday before Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of lent.

However, Covid-19 pushed back Carnival by two months, watering down some of the fun and leading to smaller crowds.

This year, Brazil's federal government expects 46 million people to join the festivities that will run through until 22 February.

It is known for its colourful performances of samba dancing and live music performances in the streets, with parades and costumes also part of the celebrations.

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