Watch live: Astronauts step out of the International Space Station for seven-hour spacewalk


Watch live as astronauts step out of the International Space Station for what is expected to be a seven-hour spacewalk.

Mission managers have given the go-ahead for flight engineers Nicole Mann of NASA and Koichi Wakata of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to complete a modification kit installation job they began on 20 January, to prepare the station for its next roll-out solar arrays (iROSAs).

The pair concluded their spacewalk 13 days ago after 7 hours and 21 minutes - with today’s effort expecting to take a similar amount of time.

The installation is part of a series of spacewalks to augment the ISS’s power channels with new iROSAs.

Four have been installed so far, and two more are expected to be mounted to the platforms installed during this spacewalk in the future.

According to SciTechDaily, Mann and Wakata on Wednesday started preparing their spacesuits and components inside the Quest airlock.