Watch: Little girl beams with joy after finally getting a puck at Capitals game

A Capitals player relentlessly tried to get a little girl a puck before a game and earned praise from the sports world.

Being small is certainly not a bad thing, but sometimes it comes with disadvantages.

Prior to the puck drop for Game 2 between the Capitals and Blue Jackets, Washington forward Brett Connolly was trying to be a nice guy. During warmups, Connolly was desperately trying to toss a puck over the glass to an adorable little girl who was seated in the front row.

Unfortunately for the little girl, the man standing in the row behind her had other plans.

Connolly, visibly trying to get a puck to the little girl, had his efforts denied multiple times by the adult standing behind her. The man caught the first two pucks tossed over the glass and gave one each to the two boys sitting beside the little girl. Finally, after making it very clear who he wanted to have the third puck, Connolly lobbed it over the glass and it was promptly given to the little girl.

The smile and pure joy that beamed off of the little fan’s face made all of the hard work worth it, but what would have made Capitals fans smile even more was a victory. The Caps dropped Game 2 in OT and currently trail the Blue Jackets 2-0 in their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series.

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