Watch Heidi Klum Teach Alex Cooper How to Strut Like a Supermodel

Heidi Klum and Alex Cooper.<p>Romain Maurice/Getty Images and Antony Jones/Getty Images</p>
Heidi Klum and Alex Cooper.

Romain Maurice/Getty Images and Antony Jones/Getty Images

Heidi Klum joined Alex Cooper on the latest episode of Call Her Daddy, and in addition to spilling some serious tea on the podcast, the 50-year-old star taught Cooper, 29, how to strut like a supermodel.

Both Klum and Cooper shared the video snippet to their respective social media pages, and the clip is an absolute must-see.

“I have always wanted to know, how do the models walk?” Cooper stated in the TikTok. “There’s a supermodel behind me, so I figured, let’s learn.”

Klum, clad in a sheer black top, long black leather mini skirt, over-the-knee boots and sunglasses, quickly popped out from behind Cooper and hiked her skirt up to show off her toned legs. Meanwhile, Cooper wore a graphic T-shirt, light wash jeans and Uggs.

“When you go, put it to the side,” Klum instructed as she demonstrated how to shake her hips as she strutted forward. She then advised Cooper to “put it more to the side” and jut her hips out further. The 1998 SI Swimsuit Issue cover star joked that models today walk the runway with a much quicker, straighter gait and referred to her method as “the dinosaur way.”

“This is a duo I really didn’t know I needed,” one of the podcast’s three million TikTok followers commented.

“This is epic! Love her!” someone else gushed.

“Everything to the side always! Heidi slays!” another fan cheered.

“Heidi is the absolute best!!!!!” an additional user concurred.

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