Watch This Guy Try to Wear a 68kg Weight Vest for an Entire Day

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Photo credit: Brandon William - YouTube
Photo credit: Brandon William - YouTube

YouTuber Brandon William has gone through some pretty grueling physical challenges in the name of video content, from a month of punishing gymnastics training to trying to master the one-armed pull-up, to an array of crushing military fitness tests. In his latest video, William takes on perhaps his biggest challenge yet: trying to last 24 hours wearing the "world's heaviest weighted vest," which clocks in at 68kg, bringing his total bodyweight up to around 136kg.

After putting the vest on with the help of a friend, William takes it to the beach where he attempts to play a nice easy game of volleyball—and soon begins to lose his breath. "Feeling gassed already," he says. "My entire upper back was killing me, and I knew if I took one wrong step, my ankle would cease to exist."

He also finds that even simply standing in line waiting to order lunch is unbearable with this extra weight attached to his torso. "I felt like I was moments away from passing out if I was going to stand there for any longer," he says.

William then heads over to a boxing gym to see if it's possible to spar while wearing the cumbersome vest. "Throwing any kind of punch with decent form was extremely difficult," he says, "but the weight of the vest also made it very hard to move in the ring and avoid punches, and by the last minute of the [first] round, I was completely gassed out." (continued below)

Not satisfied with his experiment yet, William also wears the vest into a pool to see if being in water makes it feel any lighter, but he struggles to swim as the vest causes him to sink the moment he makes his body flat.

Finally, he attempts to perform a pullup, a dip, and a pushup while wearing the vest before taking it off, bringing the challenge to a premature end. "I can't wear this weight vest any more," he says. "My body is completely dead, my lower back is killing me, same with my knees and ankles."

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