Watch Georges St-Pierre Do a Grueling 'Rocky'-Style Workout in the Snow

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Photo credit: Jeff Bottari - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jeff Bottari - Getty Images

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Rumours continue to circulate that retired UFC legend Georges St-Pierre is gearing up for a return to the octagon against Russian MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is still listed as the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC.

If St-Pierre's goal is to put those rumours to rest, however, a winter training session in grey sweats that calls to mind another fighter known for taking on a Russian legend is certainly an interesting way to do it.

In his most recent Instagram video, the 39-year-old two-division champ shared a look at his 'Rocky'-style training session, donning a pair of grey sweats amidst what appears to be a gruelling outdoor workout in the snow. You can practically hear the "Eye of the Tiger" blaring in the background as St-Pierre works his way through a series of sprints, medicine ball throws, and more.

"Training in a snowstorm today has reminded me of something very important," St-Pierre wrote in the post's caption. "There鈥檚 nothing like getting out of your comfort zone in order to improve!"

In the comments, his followers reacted, well, as you might expect. "Giving off Rocky 4 vibes vs Drago 馃槀," one fan wrote, referencing one of the most iconic (and ridiculous) training montages in film history. "You know he's training for the Eagle," wrote another.

Asked in January if a comeback fight for GSP was in the works, however, UFC president Dana White continued to deny it, according to Bleacher Report. "Nope," he told reporters. "GSP never came up. [Khabib] isn't interested in that fight. From what I hear today, after that, neither is GSP. So, that's over."

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