Watch Former UFC Star Paige VanZant Get Her Back Cracked by Dr. Beau Hightower

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Photo credit: Dr. Beau Hightower/Youtube
Photo credit: Dr. Beau Hightower/Youtube

Former UFC star and current bare-knuckle boxer Paige VanZant knows all about getting her bones cracked and crunched on the canvas. But the 27-year-old fighter recently gave her body the best type of beating—at the chiropractor's office. And you need to hear these booming cracks and oddly satisfying crunches.

In a new YouTube video by chiropractor Dr. Beau Hightower, VanZant visits the practitioner to get a tune-up. Seeking "general recovery" of her beat-up frame, VanZant tells Dr. Hightower she especially wants attention paid to her tight neck and a pesky sore shoulder.

After taking a look at VanZant's problem areas, Dr. Hightower gets to work— and that's when the popping and crunching begins. Highlights include a stellar neck crack, several powerful back pops, and an odd shoulder adjustment done with a massive metal nail-shaped chisel and hammer. It's all, in a word, mesmerizing—especially that wacky shoulder adjustment tool.

"Holy cow," VanZant says as Dr. Hightower hammers the blunt chisel into her tight shoulder. But hey, it helps work out that problem area, even if it looks like a construction tool.

During the countless cracks and adjustments, VanZant's husband, MMA fighter Austin Vanderford, continuously comments on his wife's hilariously contorted face—as any adoring and supportive partner would.

"I always love the onlookers—they can't tell if they should be horrified or jealous," Dr. Hightower says to the pair.

Let's be real: After watching VanZant's cracking compilation, you'll be a little bit of both.

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