Watch: Famous ‘Shower Bear’ in top salmon-catching form again

The famous brown bears of Alaska’s Katmai National Park are fresh out of hibernation and resuming their creative salmon-catching techniques at Brooks Falls.

The accompanying footage shows Bear No. 164, a.k.a. Bucky Dent, fishing successfully at one of his favorite spots, known as the Shower.

“Sometimes your best ideas happen in the shower,” joked Sunday via X. and the National Park Service maintain live cameras on the Brooks River throughout the summer salmon run on the Brooks River. The bears typically begin to appear in late June and stay well into fall.

Each season culminates in Fat Bear Week, a fan-driven competition held as a celebration of the bears’ success in fattening up sufficiently for the winter hibernation season.

Bucky Dent, named because of a vertical indentation in his muzzle, has not claimed a Fat Bear Week title, but he remains among the more popular bears featured on the cameras.

Story originally appeared on For The Win