Ellen DeGeneres FaceTimes Michelle Obama Who Is ‘Netflix And Chilling’ During Covid-19

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You’ve cleaned the kitchen cupboards, rearranged your sock drawer (twice), had at least one argument with your significant other or housemate and caught up on every Netflix show on your list.

Now what?

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads across the world and has many of us in self-isolation or working from home, some individuals are taking the opportunity to cherish their loved ones and make sure that despite the need to social-distance, they are not losing contact with the outside world entirely.

On Monday March 23, Ellen DeGeneres shared a video of herself FaceTiming former US first lady, Michelle Obama.

When the show host asked the mother-of-two how she was keeping busy during Covid-19, Obama said she and her husband, former US president Barack Obama, were keeping busy.

'We're just trying to keep the routine going, but we've also got a little bit of Netflix and chilling happening,' she said, adding that her daughters Malia and Sasha were at home with her and Barack.

'My condolences that the kids are home,' Ellen joked as the former FLOTUS admitted she 'shouldn't have boasted' about having an empty nest.

Obama added that while this is a difficult time for individuals across the world, it is important to stay active.

'This is like no other time in history...' she told DeGeneres. 'You know there is some good and bad that goes with it.

'I feel for all the folks that are gonna suffer because of what's going to happen to the economy, and we have to be mindful about what we're gonna do to support those folks once this quarantine is over.

'...On the positive side, I know for us, it's forced us to continue to sit down with each other, have real conversations. Really ask questions and figure out how to keep ourselves occupied without just TV or computers.'

As the pair said their 'Goodbyes', the TV host challenged Obama to a plank competition.

'We'll cross that bridge when you feel like you're in shape,' the Becoming author noted.

On Wednesday March 18, Ellen DeGeneres showed her fans how she’s also staying in touch with her famous friends like Justin Timerblake, Jessica Biel, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

Sharing a video of herself lying on the couch upside down, the show host can be heard chatting to Chrissy, John and their son Miles.

‘I wish I had kids right now, I’m so bored,’ she says as the others agreed that they’re bored too.

During the outbreak, Legend became one of several musicians – including the likes of Chris Martin, Pink and Keith Urban – to perform impromptu concerts from their homes on social media for their fans.

During another conversation with Justin and Jessica, the presenter asks what they’re up to.

‘Nothing,’ they reply as the trio agree to chat in an hour.

In another clip, DeGeneres explains that she is going to call the Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine who celebrated his birthday on Wednesday.

‘What are you doing?’ Levine asks as DeGeneres explains she’s also doing nothing.

Earlier in the day, the comedian showed off her magic skills with a deck of cards, before magician David Blaine joined in on the action.

‘Got a little help from @DavidBlaine. Ok now I see how to do it,’ the 62-year-old captioned a video sent to her by Blaine of him playing a card trick.

The coronavirus outbreak has seen many celebrities showing their fans how they’re coping with social distancing, as per governments’ instructions from across the world.

Many stars have been enjoying TikTok from the comforts of their home, like Justin and Hailey Bieber and Kaia Gerber.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, meanwhile, have revealed that they have donated $1 million to charity while still making fun of each other, of course.

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