Watch Drew Barrymore Bathe in a Tub of Mac and Cheese: ‘I’m Living My Dream’

Watch Drew Barrymore Bathe in a Tub of Mac and Cheese: ‘I’m Living My Dream’

The actress and talk show host took the cheesy plunge for her latest issue of ‘DREW Magazine’

<p>Jennfier Livingston</p>

Jennfier Livingston

Drew Barrymore is taking her love of mac and cheese to a whole new level.

The host of The Drew Barrymore Show took a dip in a tub full of cheesy noodles for the latest issue of her magazine, DREW.  In “The Happy Place” issue, the star focused on some of the things in life that make her happiest, including traveling, her daughters, Olive, 10, and Frankie, 9, and, of course, one of Barrymore’s favorite meals: macaroni and cheese.

“It’s carried me through my entire life. You know how they say you can outgrow certain things? I’ve never outgrown my deep love of and appreciation for macaroni and cheese,” Barrymore said in the issue. “If anything, it might have grown more with each year.”

In a series of photos, the actress is seen wearing a long white top covered in colorful scribbles as she lounges in a tub filled with the cheesy pasta.

The silly behind-the-scenes video above features Barrymore sitting in the tub while her team shovels mac and cheese into the bath by the pan full. Another person from behind the camera asked, “Drew, are you living your dream?”

The talk show host confirmed: “I’m living my dream...I’m covered in a bath of actual macaroni and cheese.”

<p>Jennfier Livingston</p>

Jennfier Livingston

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Barrymore then revealed that she’s bathing in her “preferred brand,” Kraft Deluxe.

The actress is adding a whole new spin to a debate sparked in March when Kourtney Kardashian posted pictures of a bathroom feast to her Instagram.

Tucked into an Instagram carousel of poolside photos and outfit snaps, including the star wearing a velour jumpsuit bedazzled with the word "Kardashian," the Poosh founder, 44, showcased two images of a bathroom that left her followers with a lot of questions.

Kourtney kardashian/instagram
Kourtney kardashian/instagram

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"All that food in the bathroom," wrote one of The Kardashians star's 216 million Instagram followers alongside two face-palm emojis, bringing attention to a picture of a light-blue-colored bathroom filled with multiple plates containing stacks of pancakes, strawberries, chicken wings, and bottles of champagne surrounding a white bathtub.

Others focused on the placement of the items, writing, "Food on the toilet 😮 that's nasty," and "why is there a hamburger on top of the toilet?"

One fan went to the comments section to ask, "How can you eat off a plate that's been sitting on the toilet?!" as another questioned, "Am I the only person who thinks food on the bathroom floor is disgusting?"

Kardashian took to her Instagram Story to respond by sharing the bathtub image alongside a row of spiral eye emojis, writing, "the comments about this photo."

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Padma Lakshmi later threw her own support behind Kardashian.

The Taste the Nation host posted a steamy bathtub picture on her Instagram to share her perspective on Kardashian's controversial bathroom feast.

In the photo, Lakshmi sat nude in her bathtub with a glass of white wine in one hand. The Top Chef host used her other hand to take a bite of pasta from an aluminum takeout dish filled with cheesy penne sitting in front of her.

"Love a good bath picnic, don't you," Lakshmi wrote before tagging Kardashian in the caption.

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