Watch The Dancing Magician Simon Cowell Calls 'Fantastically Good And ... Bad'

Jannick Holste rhapsodized about judge Heidi Klum and dancing in his pre-audition chat on “America’s Got Talent.” (Watch the video below.)

But he failed to mention magic ― the central part of his performance.

In an “Early Release” clip posted by “AGT” on Monday, the element of surprise boosted the buoyant German’s illusion act. The 19-year-old made his backup dancers appear out of seemingly nowhere ― to panelist Klum’s song “Chai Tea with Heidi.”

Judge Howie Mandel was confused at first. Simon Cowell flashed a few of his signature smirks during the performance, but ultimately gave it a Simon-esque thumbs-up.

“Fantastically good and fantastically bad at the same time,” he said. “Horrendous, but it kinda worked.”

Find out Holste’s fate right here:

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