Watch Chris Hemsworth’s No-Equipment Workout, Then Try It Yourself

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Watch Chris Hemsworth’s No-Equipment Workout, Then Try It Yourself
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  • Chris Hemsworth
    Chris Hemsworth
    Australian actor (1983-)

Chris Hemsworth has been rocking a sculpted physique for over a decade, but has spent the last year training harder to get into the best shape of his career, packing on more muscle than ever before to play Hulk Hogan in a movie based on the wrestler's life, as well as reprising previous roles in the MCU film Thor: Love and Thunder and action sequel Extraction 2.

Hemsworth has shared frequent insights into his training routine throughout this time, including sled pull sessions that work the entire body and boxing drills that showcase his strength and speed. Next up, he will be pushing his body to extremes in the new documentary series Limitless—and now he's encouraging his followers to get fit too.

In a new video filmed by photographer Cristian Prieto, Hemsworth demonstrates a short but intense bodyweight workout programmed by the team at Centr, his health and wellness app (which is currently giving away free memberships over on the actor's socials). Along with his trainer Luke Zocchi and stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton, going through a series of moves which work the entire body.

The workout comprises:

  • Bear crawls

  • Switches

  • Tricep pushups

  • Flutter kicks

  • Prisoner squats

  • Mountain climbers

  • Burpees

  • Butterfly situps

  • Sitthroughs

  • Plank jack pushups

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds followed by a 20-second rest, for a total of two rounds, with one full minute of rest in between rounds. The entire workout takes only 20 minutes, and as it consists entirely of bodyweight exercises, requires zero equipment and can be done anywhere. Watch Hemsworth and co. perform the workout below, then try it out for yourself.

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