Watch This Bodybuilder Try Track & Field for the First Time in 10 Years

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Fitness influencer and bodybuilder Matt Morsia, also known as MattDoesFitness, has built a remarkable career on YouTube. But he was an athlete first. Morsia was a track and field athlete with Olympic aspirations, and for his latest YouTube video, he hits the track for the first time in a decade to see how his fitness stacks up today.

"I used to be an athlete. I did the long and triple jump for like 9 years, and for the last 4 to 5 years of that, I did it full-time," he says. "I was a full-time athlete. I got to a reasonable level. I competed internationally for England in triple jump. Wanted to go to the Olympics because that was my inspiration."

Unfortunately, he injured his lower back pretty severely, and had to retire. That's also when he started making YouTube videos, so he wound up bouncing back well. (continued below)

"Disclaimer: it's probably going to be bad," says Morsia before hitting the track. "I think it's fair to say that I'm considerably less athletic than I was 10 years ago. Plus, rather crucially, I'm probably a good 10 to 15 kilograms heavier, which makes a massive difference."

He's joined in the adventure by his brother Ben. They warm up and strap on spikes before they challenge each other to a 40 metre sprint to start, which Ben wins. They head to the pit for jumping, and start with a standing long jump. Matt notes that he pulled up some of his old training plans to reference for the stunt, and that his longest standing long jump was 2.96 meters. Ben starts, and crushes a 3.04 meter jump. Matt goes, and comes in short with 3.03 meters. They keep jumping, and Ben bests Matt with a 3.16 jump.

Next, they do a standing triple jump (a hop-step-jump), which Matt notes he had a personal best of 9.35 meters. Ben starts with an 8.07 jump, and Matt goes out with a 9.4 meter jump. Matt ends with a best of 9.58m, and Ben ends with 8.92m.

Next, they try a 3 stride approach long jump. Ben nails a 4.28m jump on his first try, and Matt does a 4.29m jump. After a few tries, they each have a best of Ben, 4.65m, and Matt, 4.56m.

"I may have just tore my hamstring a little bit," says Matt after finishing his jumps. "I'm hoping it's just a little spasm. Fingers crossed. But I think trying to do anything more would be a stupid idea. Damn it! Let's go console ourselves with some food."

The brothers head to Five Guys, and enjoy a calorie-dense meal of burgers and fries.

"I'm not gonna lie. This morning I thought it was going to be a massive whitewash. I massively underestimated Ben," says Matt.

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