Watch a Bodybuilder Eat and Train Like One of the World's Most Shredded Men

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Photo credit: YouTube
Photo credit: YouTube

YouTuber Will Tennyson has taken on the fitness routines of some of the world's fittest people, from a gruelling qualifier at the CrossFit Open to a high altitude training session to a day in the life of Ironman triathlete Nick Bare. For his latest challenge, Tennyson spends the day following the training schedule and diet plan of the "most shredded man on Earth," Helmut Strebl, who is known for maintaining 4 percent body fat all year round.

"This guy eats five to seven meals a day, and you're going to be surprised by how much food and especially how much carbs this is," he says at the start of the day, preparing a breakfast of six egg whites and one whole egg, three bagels, and an entire chicken. "I was pretty shocked to see three bagels," says Tennyson. "Just looking at the dude, I'm feeling slightly gluten intolerant."

This is followed by a meal replacement shake made with 50 grams of protein and 80 grams of carbs. This is another choice that surprises Will. "When you are so lean, you feel hungry literally all the time, you feel like crap," he says. "There is no way I could drink this and feel satisfied."

The pre-workout meal is a bro staple, turkey and rice, which Tennyson sees as the epitome of "food for fuel, not fun." Once sufficiently fuelled up, he hits the gym and tries Strebl's high-volume back, shoulders, calves and abs workout, which consists of the following:

  • wide grip lat pulldowns

  • close grip chin-ups

  • dumbbell rows

  • seated dumbbell military press

  • seated dumbbell side raises

  • standing upright rows

  • seated calf raises

  • standing calf raises

  • seated machine crunches

  • leg raises

"I'm literally doing half the weight of what I typically do," says Tennyson. "[Strebl] isn't really worried about the weight, it's all about the form and the contraction and really slowing it down to really build up that muscle... The fact that he can train at a high level while that lean is pretty insane."

The fourth meal of the day is raw tuna and rice, meal number five is chicken shawarma and rice with hot sauce, while the sixth and final meal is even more egg whites with four slices of toast. "He probably needs carbs to get him through his nightmares," says Tennyson.

"While it's really cool that this guy is this lean, it doesn't mean it's healthy," he concludes. "I'm not taking away from what he's doing, it's incredible, but don't make that your standard, just try to be healthy... Feel good, perform well in the gym, and just be happy."

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