Watch AJ Odudu play our fun truth or dare game Get The Juice

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Who would AJ Odudu have liked to dance with rather than Kai Widdrington? When did she last row with her mum? And what's the connection between mermaids, Wetherspoons and limos?

As part of our fun new game, Get The Juice, AJ has to choose between answering 10 tricky questions or downing a shot of mystery juice!

Filmed when we shot the 34-year-old for our May cover, we presented AJ with ten colourful and mysterious juices.

"Close up they look really dodgy," she laughed, before making us promise that the darkest one in the line up wasn't fish sauce.

Thankfully for her it was a much more palatable concoction of milk thistle oil, melon and activated charcoal.

Another of the lurid liquids that caught her eye was packed with nutrient dense spirulina - although AJ was suspicious it might be mouthwash!

We then put ten tough questions to her. Who else would she have liked to dance with on Strictly? What do her neighbours think of her? And what's the weirdest beauty treatment she has ever tried?

How many juices will be left at the end of this quick fire quiz? Watch Get The Juice in the player above now and find out!

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