Watch this 4-year-old jump for joy when her classmates surprise her on adoption day

Four-year-old Brianna-Cate's adoption day was already special but became even more so when some mystery guests surprised her outside the courtroom.

David and Christine West of Alliance, Nebraska, had been waiting for three years to complete Brianna's adoption. After the emotional moment when it was finalized, the family was greeted by a surprise gathering outside the courtroom, waiting to share their celebration.

Watch the video above to witness an adoption day surprise!

Brianna's biological parents were David’s best friend, Brian, and Christine’s first cousin, Catherene. Brian and Catherene were tragically killed three years ago in a car accident. Before the accident, the two couples used to see each other frequently. David and Christine were even there when Brianna was born and it was then David made a promise to his best friend.

“Since he was a truck driver and always out on the road, I made a promise to him that I would take care of Brianna if something ever happened to him… and it did.

From left: David, Christine, Brianna, Catherene, and Brian. The two couples were best friends and hung out frequently.
From left: David, Christine, Brianna, Catherene, and Brian. The two couples were best friends and hung out frequently.

The tragic accident also left Brianna trapped in the vehicle for four hours before she was airlifted to a hospital to undergo treatment for a fractured leg and a cut on her head. Through every moment of her recovery, David and Christine were right by her side.

Under David and Christine's care, Brianna became healthy again and was accepted into Kiddie Kampus, a pre-preschool offered by Alliance Public Schools, where she made friends and found a support network.

For David, this adoption is about more than just fulfilling a promise. It's his chance to pass on the love he received from his own parents. As an adoptee himself, he always remembered being treated with love and care. Now, he cherishes the little moments with Brianna and sees them as opportunities to show her how to love. “When I walk in the door from work, she comes running up and gives me a hug - it's those emotional moments that really make me want to keep doing it.”

For Christine, it's the small moments that make being Brianna's mom so special. “I love doing her hair,” she said. “Every day I have a new hairstyle to do for her, and she loves it.” Now, Brianna is the one asking for new hairdos every day.

Brianna showing off her new hairdo styled by Christine.
Brianna showing off her new hairdo styled by Christine.

David and Christine hope the love that the love and care they gave to Brianna will also be passed down. “Whenever she has her own family, I hope she could do this,” he said. “I hope she would be the same with my grandkids, like how we have been with her.”

Watch the video below to hear from David and Christine on this life-changing adoption!

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Watch this girl's friends surprise her to celebrate her adoption