How to wash your hair less (and save the planet)

Becki Murray
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When it comes to respecting the planet you might think your hair has relatively little to do with it. But, if you spend just three minutes less time in the shower, or go one more day without washing your hair, you could help save over six gallons of water and significantly reduce your impact on the environment.

According to The World Health Organisation, a person requires just fifty litres of water a day to maintain their health and hygiene. Shockingly, in the UK, the average person uses 142 litres per day and as a nation, two billion litres of water is quite literally going down the plughole everyday when we shower.

As for how to solve the problem, you'd think it would be unlikely that a haircare brand, which makes its money selling you shampoo and conditioner, would be the first to help you take time away from the shower. Surprisingly though, Aveda, the botanical haircare brand, is doing just that.

In their eighth year supporting WaterAid, Aveda are challenging individuals to go an extra day without washing their hair by providing complimentary quick dry-styling tips to customers who go to their Experience Centres across the UK.

The aim is to not only save water, but also to raise awareness about the importance of access to clean water for all, in a time where 844 million people globally are living without it.

Expert advice

If you can't make it to a salon, we spoke to Aveda's global educator, Bea Watson, to discover her tricks behind making your hair look it's best between washes, whether its been two days or four days since you last cleaned it.

Second day hair - disco bun waves:

“Second-day hair can be the day where hair has an increase in volume and grit as the smoothness of freshly washed hair begins to decrease – use this natural volume to create a lived-in look that lasts.”

1. Start by massaging Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo, £23.50, into your hair, followed by the Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner throughout the mid-lengths and ends until wet.

2. Then, create two 'disco bun' twists, one on each side of the head and pin in place.

3. Use a hairdryer on a low heat to dry the buns and once cool, gently unpin your hair for natural, fresh-looking waves.

Third day hair - the knotted bun:

“For many people, third day hair can be the stage at which hair and the scalp are becoming more oily. This can really help keep a style in place, so up-dos are most effective at this stage for long-lasting power.”

1. Gently pull hair back into a ponytail and spray with Aveda Air Control, £21, to capture any flyaways.

3. Spray dry shampoo into the ponytail to add bulk and twist the ponytail around into a loose bun, before pinning.

4. Pull strands of hair away from the bun at will to create a lived-in look