5 Ethical Porn Sites You Can Feel Good About Watching

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It's a fact: sex sells. Then why, you might ask, is some porn free? The answer is simple: not all porn is ethical. The theory behind ethical porn relies mainly on the foundation that when the performers are treated fairly, they perform better, and better performances mean more money and more consumers to that platform. By paying for porn, you're not only compensating the performers for their work, but you're also setting the standard that they deserve to be paid (which, of course, they do). While there's no shortage of porn on the internet, there is a lesser amount of ethical porn, and sifting through Google searches to find it might be enough to kill the mood. To help you out, we've uncovered some of the best ethical porn sites on the web. This porn is still sexy, but it's also more realistic, and you can feel good about what's happening behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. Ready to get turned on? These NSFW sites will make you enjoy porn like never before.

  1. Bellesa Plus: Self-described as the "Netflix of porn," Bellesa Plus is a paid-subscription service that "features the top content from 50+ premium porn channels, including Bellesa Originals TV Series and Movies such as Bellesa House (reality porn)." You can choose how much you want to pay per month ($15/month is the standard pricing), and the site will let you know how much you are contributing to the performers. Oh, and did we mention the site also offers erotica, articles about sexual health, and a sex-toy shop? Yup, this kind of porn feels good to watch. Subscribe here

  2. Lust Cinema: This adult online movie theater ($17/month) offers a unique range of modern films shot from a woman's perspective. Viewers can expect to see various body types and fantasies here, and enjoy feature-length films made by female directors. Subscribe here.

  3. Dipsea: For less than $4 a month, this female-founded site lets you listen to steamy audio clips, all of which focus on female pleasure. With over 300 clips, you can find exactly what you want to listen to, from sexual escapades to soothing sounds and wellness guides. Consider Dipsea as your very own Audible, but for erotica. Subscribe here.

  4. Kink.com: Looking for something hot? This site has got it all. Explore your kinky side with every video you watch, and feel at ease knowing that each performer filled out a consent checklist of what they do and don't want to do before filming. If you like BDSM, Kink.com is for you. Subscribe here.

  5. Make Love Not Porn: Just as the name implies, this site is all about consent, love, and "real-life" sex. "Of the people, by the people, for the people, makelovenotporn.tv is you in all your #realworldglory," the site touts. You can join the site for free, with each video being $5 to rent. There are also different subscription services you can buy if you choose to do so. Subscribe here.

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