'I want to take all these f****** down!' Jessie Ware reveals her chart rivals

Jessie Ware wants to win a chart battle credit:Bang Showbiz
Jessie Ware wants to win a chart battle credit:Bang Showbiz

Jessie Ware thinks it is "all fair in love and war" when it comes to chart battles.

The 38-year-old singer has this week released her fifth album 'That! Feels! Good!' but faces competition from rock band The National with their record 'First Two Pages of Frankenstein' and indie pop rockers The Lottery Winners with 'Anxiety Replacement Therapy' but during her launch party in London on Wednesday (26.04.23), she begged the audience to buy her album instead.

According to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, she told the crowd: "Thank you to everyone who has supported me and who is continuing to support me.

"Buy the record, please, because I really want to beat The National but I want to f****** take them down. And there's a band called The Lottery Winners, so we have The National Lottery winners this week. I want to take all these f****** down. Please buy the record. It's all fair in love and war!"

The 'Pearls' hitmaker - who is also known for interviewing a host of A-list celebrities such as Dolly Parton, Kylie Minogue, and Sir Paul McCartney on her culinary podcast 'Table Manners' alongside her mother Lennie -recently explained how she channeled Madonna on the record, having worked with her producer Stuart Price and even sang into the same microphone used by the Queen of Pop for her 2005 record 'Confessions on a Dancefloor.'

She told Rolling Stone magazine: "Stuart had worked with Madonna, and so she was in my mind, too. It's hard to forget when you're holding the same mic that Madonna recorded Confessions on a Dance Floor on to not feel like maybe you are hopefully going to be a bit blessed by something."

'That! Feels! Good!' is out now.