Want To Copy SJP's Sleek BAFTA Look? Charles Worthington On BAFTA Hair And How To Re-Create The Looks

Official BAFTA stylist Charles Worthington set up camp last night in the Savoy, styling stars hair such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Alice Eve and Emilia Fox in the Charles Worthington Style Suit. Jennifer Lawrence was also spotted in the pop up for a last minute retouch before heading on stage. Grazia Daily caught up with him post-BAFTAs to find out why he chose the looks, how to re-create the red carpet looks at home and what it was like to work with Ms SJP.

Grazia Daily: How did the weather affect your styling?

Charles Worthington: 'Luckily the weather didn’t affect Sarah's hair. She has got naturally full, wavy hair so too much humidity in the air can really affect her hair, so I had to make sure that I was using product (Charles Worthington Home Pro Heat Repair Milk, £12.99) that would combat that and it worked incredibly well because it stayed sleek all night. It wasn’t just drizzling, it was driving rain. The girls really did get wet - all of them were standing posing for photographs and they obviously had to take the umbrellas away. It was lovely to see Sarah Jessica’s hair hold up to that.'

Grazia Daily: What was SJP like to work with?

Charles Worthington: 'I really enjoyed her company, she was very, very down to earth. She has a lovely demeanour about her and she has a great character. She had no diva-ish behaviour at all. I had my assistant Becky with me and she was always drawing her into the conversation as well and I always think that is very nice when people include everybody around them. I was very impressed.'

Grazia Daily: Did she have much input into what look she wanted?

Charles Worthington: 'For Sarah Jessica I suggested we did a smooth look, but she was said it might be nice to have a little bit of wave. But because I wanted her to look different from how she normally looks I managed to use my persuasive powers to say 'let’s see how it looks really smooth and sleek and we can always add a bit of wave if you want to afterwards.' But once I'd done it, she said 'this is absolutely perfect, as long as you think it’s perfect Charles then we’ll go with it.' So it was really lovely actually that she put her trust in me.'

Want To Copy SJP's Sleek BAFTA Look? Charles Worthington On BAFTA Hair And How To Re-Create The Looks

Grazia Daily: Was it the jumpsuit that made you want to try a different look?

Charles Worthington: 'The jumpsuit was very streamlined and because it was a clean line I thought the hair would work with having a clean line as well. If you’ve got a dress that has a lot of detail with ruffles and textures then sometimes you can create more ruffles and texture in the hair because it blends well. It's important to take all that into account, but one of the key things to always consider is the face shape. At the end of the day your hair frames your face so it’s really important to have a style that really does suit you.'

Grazia Daily: Were the girls nervous?

Charles Worthington: 'However seasoned they are or however many times they’ve done it, they do get nervous because they know that the world’s eyes are on them and that as soon as they’re on the edge of the red carpet every little bit of them is being analysed. It's a little bit like me, as I get nervous because I care about somebody looking good. With the actresses they get nervous because they do want to look good and they do want to get it right. There is always nerves but then nerves are good because they help you perform on the red carpet.'

Grazia Daily: Were you hoping to see more daring styles at the BAFTAs?

Charles Worthington: 'I think I was. London can be used to be a bit more daring. At the end of the day these actresses don’t want to be too daring and have everyone criticise them for it. Everything is so immediate nowadays, the minute they appear on the red carpet it is all being tweeted around to the world within seconds and so you can’t risk making a mistake. That’s why they stay safe sometimes, maybe they would actually like to try something different, but then nobody wants to be criticised.'

Grazia Daily: What is the process of choosing a red carpet hairstyle to work with the the dress?

Charles Worthington: 'Often there are one or two dresses that they are deciding to wear and that’s when we have a little bit of input. Such as I'll say 'If you’re going to wear that dress then I suggest this would work…if you’re going to wear that dress…' That’s where I think the final choice of the dress comes in. Then I just think it’s a matter of tweaking. We pretty much do the hair and then once the dress goes on you suddenly get an overall picture. Sometimes we might have the hair down and it’s all lovely, and then they put the dress on which might be slightly asymmetric and you suddenly think, oh it might be nice to pin the hair back to one side. So sometimes once the dress goes on, the final tweaking might be more than just tweaking and you might be changing the look.'

See what Charles thinks about Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence and more of the stars' red carpet hair and find out how to recreate his BAFTA looks in the gallery below...

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