If You Want Your Boobs to Stay in Place, Then This Is the Sports Bra to Wear

Elinor Block
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Wow, I hate talking about bras. For me, with a DD+ cup size, they’re a necessity, and they’ve become a sort of obsession as a result. While I know plenty of people have shunned their wired buddies for nothing during the pandemic, there are many of us who are sadly unable to relinquish this much-needed support. And this is, essentially, why I hate talking about them so much. It becomes quite a quest to find a good bra when you’re a particular size. Comfort is key for everyone, of course, but those of us with larger busts don't just need them for daytime but often at night as well to help with back pain. And don't get me started on the issue of what to wear with backless dresses or how to avoid the dreaded boob sweat in the summer. All these issues become more complex when thinking about bigger cup sizes.

However, when it comes to sports bras, thankfully, it’s simple. After years of trying various versions, I discovered Shock Absorber sports bras, and I’m never turning back. What is it that makes this brand better than others? Well, it depends on your criteria, of course, but I have a few that Shock Absorbers ticks. First, I need to have a very limited bounce, as I like running, and boy, do Shock Absorbers strap you down. I have even worn one of these sports bras when breastfeeding (so my boobs were even bigger than normal), and I can tell you that you’ll barely move. Second, I want to actually feel comfortable and not have anything digging into my back or shoulders. When I've got a good-fitting sports bra, I find that instead of remembering I'm wearing one, I'll forget about it altogether and focus on what I'm doing. Finally, I do want a sports bra to look nice. Shock Absorbers tend to have a limited colour range, but the black, blue and occasional coral or grey are enough to suit my tastes.

Although I've been banging on about DD+ sizes, it's also important to know that whatever your bra size, you need to be supported when doing exercise. If you're convinced that this could be the sports bra you've been looking for, keep scrolling to see my favourites right now.

Shop Shock Absorber bras:

Shock Absorber Fuller Cup Sports Bra, Black (£38)

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Non-Wired Sports Bra (£46)

Shock Absorber Active Shape Support Sports Bra (£36)

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra Purple Sensation/Deep Water Blue (£30)

Shock Absorber D+ Classic Support Sports Bra in Cranberry Splash (£34)

Shock Absorber Shaped Support Bra in Slate Grey (£38)

Shock Absorber Crop Top (£26)

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra in Winter Blue Cranberry Splash (£35)

Shock Absorber Grey Ultimate Run Non Wired Bra (£49)

Shock Absorber Infinity Power Non Wired Sports Bra (£50)

Shock Absorber White Active Support Non Wired Sports Bra (£33)

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Non-Wired Sports Bra (£37)

Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Support Bra (£31)

Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Support Bra (£39)

Shock Absorber Run Padded Sports Bra (£49)

Shock Absorber Ultimate Fly Sports Bra, Black/Grey (£0)

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