You will want a bob when you see Emma Chamberlain's new hair

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Photo credit: Instagram/emmachamberlain
Photo credit: Instagram/emmachamberlain

Emma Chamberlain has been leaving her house quite a bit recently and as sad as that is for her YouTube subscribers, it's also creating some iconic fashion and beauty moments.

I get it, as much as I also miss my forehead kisses, it's fun to watch Emma grow and present the Met Ball red carpet or make an appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscars party.

Now that Emma is that bit more elusive to us, we have to get our updates via Instagram and when she shared a snap of her hair on the cutting room floor recently, we knew something was coming.

That something, as Reddit has coined it, it Emma's "bob era" and my God, I have never wanted to cut my hair off more.

Just like Hailey Bieber, Harry Styles and anyone else with a Tesla and a YouTube Play button, Emma is currently at Coachella aka the festival that either makes you want to move to California or never visit there again.

The bob was first debuted three days ago and while you could argue this is old news, I would argue that I was simply waiting for Emma's "bob era" to fully take effect.

I also wasn't on shift.

Coachella day two also saw the return of the bob, but it's fair to say it took a back seat to this all red everything fit which is perfectly understandable.

However last night's post aka day three is where the bob really comes into its own and when paired with this all white get up Emma could be filming a remake of Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way.

The only person that could make a floppy bob look better than Nick Carter?

Emma Chamberlain.

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