Wallaby joeys emerge from their mothers' pouches at U.K. zoo

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Marwell Zoo/Cover Images

This is the adorable moment two red-necked wallaby joeys emerged from their mothers' pouches at a U.K. zoo.

The youngsters at Marwell Zoo are already a few months old but have only just started to peek out from the comfort of their mothers' pouches.

Young are born at a very early stage of development when they are just 2-2.5cm long and weigh less than 1g, around the size of a jellybean.

Mothers Holly Wallaby and Alison will continue to hold the joeys in their pouches until they are around seven months old, after which the youngsters will begin to leave the pouch, but regularly return.

When fully grown, red-necked wallabies are between 70-90cm with a 65-75cm tail, which is strong enough to support the weight of the entire animal.

Red-necked wallabies can be found in south-eastern Australia and also on the island of Tasmania, which is 150 miles south of mainland Australia.

Senior animal keeper, Amy Denny, said: "Holly Wallaby and Alison are first-time mothers and they are doing a great job. "Visitors can spot our mothers as their pouches are much larger and the joeys can frequently be seen popping their heads out throughout the day, so it's worth returning a few times!"