Wall’s Is Selling Cornetto Cone Tips And We Don’t Know What To Think Any More

Anna Lewis
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From Delish

What’s the best part of a Wall’s Cornetto? Is it the ice cream? The cone? Or that delicious chocolate bit at the bottom of the cone?

Well, according to the iconic ice cream brand, a lot of people think it’s that chocolatey bit, which is why you can now buy Cornetto Cone Tips. Yup… just the chocolate cone-ends.

Now, we can’t decide if this is genius or not, but we’re willing to eat a whole load of them to find out if all the fuss is worth it. We get the feeling these are going to split the nation.

You can buy a five-pack of Cornetto Cone Tips in store now, and a box will set you back £3.

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As well as these chocolatey treats, Wall's is also launching Miniature Cones, which come in chocolate and vanilla. Made up of delicious ice cream, a crunchy wafer cone and, of course, the chocolate-flavoured tip, these are perfect ice creams if you’re just in the market for a little snack.

Photo credit: Wall's
Photo credit: Wall's

A pack of 10 Miniature Cones costs £3.

And finally, topping off the delicious ice cream snack launches from Wall's are these super-cute Ice Cream Bites, available in two flavours: vanilla and strawberry. You can buy a box of 10 of each flavour for just £2.

Photo credit: Wall's
Photo credit: Wall's

Now you just have to decide which sweet treat to serve at your next BBQ…

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