Walk On Water With This Illusive Walkway In Norway That Disappears As The Tide Changes

Architects in Norway have designed an illusive walkway that disappears as the tide changes making it look like those crossing it are walking on water. The Traelvikosen Scenic Route is a series of stepping stones located off the Norwegian coast, designed by Snøhetta. The installation is part of the Norwegian Scenic Routes initiative set up by the country’s Public Roads Administration to create new experiences, rooted in nature, for travellers. It targets some of Norway’s most dramatic landscapes, using design to amplify fjords, coasts, waterfalls and mountains. Its 55 stepping stones lead walkers across the water and onto a large rock – however, they’re only visible at low tide. The architecture and design firm says the walkway is intended to slow people down, encouraging them to immerse themselves in the surrounding nature. It was created with as little disturbance to the immediate environment as possible with construction mats reducing the impact of machinery, and the stones themselves locally sourced and transported by boat. The studio recommends anyone hoping to have a peek of the stones to check the local tide table before making the trip, “And also: plan to stay for a while."

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