The Walk-In viewers saying the same thing about new Stephen Graham drama

ITV's new drama, The Walk-In, premiered on Monday night and viewers are all saying the same thing about the series.

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The five-parter stars Stephen Graham as a real-life activist and reformed Neo-Nazi, Matthew Collins, working to stop the radicalisation of young white men before it begins.

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A number of viewers found the first episode "tough" to watch, with one person writing: "Such a tough watch. The violence is horrific but the real terror is the ideology & the brainwashing that creates & continues a terrorist 'cause' #TheWalkIn," while another added: "Don't know if 'enjoy' #TheWalkIn is the right term. A difficult but important watch."

A third commented: "Powerful first episode of #TheWalkIn, gonna be a tough watch this but it'll be an important one."

Others simply praised the high-quality drama, with one person tweeting: "#TheWalkIn ITV. Now we're talking, brilliant new drama. Flashed by & leaves you yearning for more. Top Class," while another added: "#TheWalkin #itv last night. Excellent drama as you would expect with #StephenGraham in it."

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Many fans also applauded Stephen's portrayal of Matthew, with one person tweeting: "Stephen Graham nailing another brilliant performance in a TV drama series," while another added: "Stephen Graham has done it again. Incredibly talented! #TheWalkIn."


Viewers said the episode was "tough" to watch but "important" 

A third added: "@StephenGraham73 just gets better at acting the older he gets. Brilliant piece of writing #thewalkin on @itvhub, #leannebest is brilliant too. The whole cast actually. Shining the light on @hopenothate is pretty cool too."

For those unfamiliar with the new series, the official synopsis reads: "Stephen Graham takes the leading role, of activist Matthew Collins, a reformed Neo-Nazi, now working as a bona fide journalist for the anti-racist organisation, Hope not Hate.

"Written by Oscar-nominated and BAFTA multi-award-winning screenwriter, Jeff Pope, the drama is an explosive state-of-the-world series that explores some of the most critical and relevant issues of modern times including racism, freedom of speech and terrorism.


Viewers praised Stephen Graham's performance

"It's a thought-provoking, conscience-stirring drama which poses timeless questions - What makes people fear and hate those who are different from themselves? Can someone’s view of the world be fundamentally changed?"

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